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Wholesale essential oils are not all created equal, and some companies that claim to sell pure oils actually don’t.


The simple fact is that true essential oils are very expensive to produce, and many companies in the industry take shortcuts to save on costs. At Arbor Products though, we offer 100% pure high-grade 100% pure oils at an affordable price. 


The Importance of Pure Oils

Some companies cut their essential oils with much cheaper carrier oil in order to sell it at a higher markup. It’s important to buy high quality oils, though, it make sure you get all the benefits these products offer. If you are purchasing oils that have been diluted without your knowledge, you won’t be able to use them as effectively as possible, and you won’t see the same benefits you could otherwise have.


Buy Essential Oils Wholesale

Whether you’re looking for eucalyptus oil, lavender oil,  or lemon oil, you can save a lot of money buying essential oils at wholesale prices. Place your order today.